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The health benefits of taking a nap backed by Science


I remember our parents would always put me to sleep in the middle of the day when I was in elementary grade.  It was so hard when I feel so alive to play. I remember complaining and even hiding in our neighbor’s house just to avoid taking a nap.

Now as a working adult, taking a nap is a dream come true for me. When I only have an hour for my lunch and I feel my eyelids closing on their own. It is so nice to doze off and travel to dreamland.

Taking a nap has more good benefits that relaxing our body.It must be included in our daily routine. Our body needs it just like how it needs food and medicine.

Naps can improve our health, intelligence and productivity.

The benefits of napping

  1. Makes you alert
  • A study conducted by NASA said a 40 minute nap increases alertness by 100%. Other studies showed that a 20 minute nap is more effective than a coffee or exercise.
  • Studies have shown that taking a nap could make your remaining hours of the day as alert and energetic as you were on your first half of the day.
  1. Makes you sharp
  • Taking a nap improves your memory if you are working on a complex task where you have to pay attention on one thing and have a load of work on the side. If you multitask, consider taking a nap during your break to help you focus with the tasks at hand.
  • It improves memory retention. During sleep recent memories are being solidified and stored.
  1. It prevents stress and improves work performance
  • We often refuse to take a nap if we have so many works to do. Studies have shown that long hour of work without rest reduces productivity. It would be better to take a nap for a few minutes and return to work refreshed.
  1. Improves creativity
  • Napping improves sensory perception as effectively as night sleep. It also improves creativity by loosening the web of ideas and fusing different ideas.
  1. Improves Health, sexual functions and heals body.
  • Lack of sleep increases the stress hormones, abdominal fat and weakens the immune and muscular systems. It decreases growth hormone and testosterone in the body.
  • Taking a nap gives your body a chance to rest and heal. It primes your sexual functions, reduces stress, anxiety and repair muscles and aid weight loss.
  1. Makes you happy
  • The neurotransmitter serotonin regulates our mood, sleep and appetite. It produces a happy feeling. But when our body is stressed it blocks the serotonin production resulting to being anxious, irritable, depressed and overwhelmed.

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